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Handy Python Features – Part 03

__how_can_we_use_generators__.py https://github.com/vishwaefor/handy-python-features Last time we had a look at how decorators work in Python. You can find the previous discussion from the following links. Handy Python Features — Part 01 Handy Python Features — Part 02 It is time for us to explore another handy feature in Python. We will [...]


Handy Python Features – Part 02

__exploring_more_on_decorators__.py https://github.com/vzztalks/handy-python-features I assume that part 01 of this series gave you a better understanding of how decorators work and where to use them. We are ready to explore more on decorators in this discussion. Function Metadata There are few metadata maintained withing a function for [...]


Handy Python Features – Part 01

__how_can_we_use_decorators__.py https://github.com/vzztalks/handy-python-features Python is a powerful language and there are many handy built-in features. Decorators are one of them. You might have scene decorators in python sources as in the following example. Decorators are functions that wrap functions and change their behavior. [...]